What is black magic? What is the treatment for this effect of devil’s power? How do I know if I am infected?

From the beginning of creation, good energy exists as there is evil energy. A symbol of evil energy is this black magic. It is capable of causing physical and mental damage to people. Through these two angels, Harut & Marut, witchcraft is created. Separation of relationships, loss of money, forced love, loss of children, etc is done by Black magic Vidya. Many people do such evil deeds to destroy the enemy. It is called Banavidya or Maran Vidya. Generally, all these actions of Tantra Mantra are divided into 6 actions, which are called Shatkarma. Let’s know the actions. this? Namely: Shantikarma, Vashikaran, Stambhan, Vdeveshan, Uchchatan, Maran. Tantrics or magicians believe that each of these actions or actions has a different goddess and each action has a different time according to the planetary stars and season. They do these actions. . In these works, they usually take the name of each person on whom they apply the picture and the name of the parents. Sometimes they do different magic by dolls, sometimes by pictures, sometimes by doing something in fire, sometimes by floating them in the river. It is determined what will be used. These effect was also done on our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW. As a result of which he became very violently ill. He was bewitched by her hair and comb. which is later obtained from the well. In view of this, Almighty Allah revealed the Holy Surah Nas and Falaq. Which was revealed for the purpose of protection from witchcraft and jinn. In case of witchcraft, these two Surahs are recited as treatment and before being attacked as protection. We will discuss this topic in another post, Inshallah.

It is very important to know the symptoms of witchcraft through which we can understand more deeply what is satanic magic?
Let’s know its symptoms:

Many people contact you about the problem of unmarried girls not getting married and married people not matching their husbands and wives. Many times the effect of dark magic done by Ashiq Jinn or the enemy is hidden behind these!!

How do I know if I am infected in Black Magic

What Is Black Magic? How do I know if I am infected?

we will know what is black magic & symptoms of Black magic

Today we will discuss about the signs of being affected by jinn and magic, InshaAllah. All the signs that you can see inside yourself, you will understand that you are affected by jinn or dirty magic, I have presented below:

1. First of all you dream of falling from a high place it may be a building hill or a bridge or any other high place or you feel that you fell out of bed.
2. full body will wake up with a jolt
3. Pain in the waist will be felt
4. If the husband intends to defile the soul between the wife, then there will be defilement of the soul and if the wife is in love with the Jinn, then the wife will not have any sexual desire towards the husband.
5. Irregular periods/menstruation or any kind of menstrual problem in addition to the above symptoms, but it should be understood that there is an influence of jinn. The effect of this is that married people are prevented from having children and unmarried people are prevented from getting married.
6. In many cases, the smell of perfume or rotten blood is also found in the house depending on the type of jinn. In that case, you have to understand that the existence of that jinn is also in your house.
7. Unmarried people who are repeatedly prevented from getting married should see if the above symptoms are similar to him. If they are found to be similar, then it should be understood that the obstacle to his marriage is being with him by the devil jinn.
8. Excessive hair loss
9. Total loss of interest in worship.
10. The bewitched person will be weak and restless day by day.
11. There will be no interest in wife, son, family members and food and drink
12. Bones will feel pain
13. Some people get headache and stomach upset
14. Fear will be feared
15. A person possessed by magic becomes like a madman
16. Always quiet and likes to be alone.
In addition to the above symptoms, I am giving a test to be more sure, by which you can be sure that you or you are affected by magic.

Reciting verse 34 of Surah Chowad, Surah No. 38 of the Holy Qur’an in the left ear of the affected patient, read it 7 times in the left ear. If the person is affected by jinn or magic, various symptoms will appear immediately. For example: dizziness, nausea, fainting etc.

Jazakallahu khairan your comments will make me interested to write something again inshallah tayala. If you can see all these signs in you then you must know that you are under the influence of satanic forces. Treatment is necessary for this. Doa must be recited regularly. You can contact us on Facebook or mail to get treatment from us. Jazakallahu Khairan. Stay with us to get regular posts like this inshallah!

Many people fall into bad situations, suffer and lose patience and take the help of kufr shirk tantra mantra. It must be remembered that only worldly life is not real life. We must first think about the eternal life of the hereafter. And for this patiently take treatment in the light of Qur’an and Sunnah. At the same time, thinking about the loss of others, casting tantra mantras is a deception of the devil and should keep oneself restrained. May Almighty Allah grant us all the grace to live in the light of the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah, Ameen.

When people’s faith is weak, Satan gets the opportunity to harm that person. Therefore, each of us must hold our faith. We have to live honestly, eat halal, and give up what is forbidden. We have to suppress the devil inside ourselves, only then will the outside devil fail to spread its influence on us, Insha’Allah.