Today’s we will know Dua Wazifa For Love Marriage- Quranic Wazifa 100% Result amal wzifa dua attracts love to bring success in love. Every day some of you message about the problem of failure in love. Today’s unmissable practice is only for them. If one does this practice with concentration and focus, he will definitely get success. This wazifa is the practice of Alam Nasrah in the Surah of the Holy Qur’an. Let’s know the details of the wazifa of the practice.For success in love

I have received this practice from my teacher Maulana Azam Khan. This is my tried and tested strategy for creating love. First, you have to pay Zakat of this Surah through Chilla. Its rules are: On the first Thursday or Sunday of the lunar month, take a bath before Asr, and then Surah after Namaz. “Alam Nasrah” will be recited 41 times with the name of the guardian angel. The names of the guardian angels of the Surah are: Abu Uchanan, Chabrachanna, Charachanna, Chuurachanna. At the end of amal, halwa will be cooked with 50 grams of flour, 50 grams of ghee, and 50 grams of sugar. After that, up to 40 days, the surah will be recited 40 times and the halwa will be cooked and eaten. Surah should be recited 40 times daily. After that, if you want to attract someone in love, go to the flower garden and mark the bud of 2 fragrant flowers and read the said Surah 40 times along with the name of Muakkel Angel and chant the names of the lover and the beloved and the name of their mother. He will breathe on the flower. He will do this for two more days. On the third day, the flower bud will bloom, pluck it and put it on a green leaf along with other flowers, make a garland and put it on the neck of the desired person. It will be done and it will be his obligation for the rest of his life. However, it should be kept in mind that if you do it with bad intentions, it will not result, on the contrary, there is a possibility of harming yourself.

Surah Jinn or the act of being successful in love is wazifa: Zakat must be paid for the Amel of this Surah. Its rule is that on the first day of any lunar/Arabic month, before Isha prayer, perform daily prayers for 40 days and cover your body with a sheet. Sit down and read some Darood Sharif and recite this Surah 40 times. After reading, read Darood Sharif again in a few numbers. Read this Surah in every Isha prayer and read this Surah once before the prayer.

If you want to subjugate a person or if you want to bring a state hero or an administrator to yourself, first take 5 kabila seeds and clean them with soil and you yourself will wear a pure holy dress. And on ten Kabila Bichi write the name of Karun. Then on one fruit and on ten Kabila Bichi write the name of the destined people. And on one fruit and ten seeds, the name of Pharaoh will be written. In this way, on one fruit and ten seeds, the name of Haman will be written. On one side of the last ten seeds, the name of the intended person will be written and on the other side, the name of Iblis will be written. After reciting Surah Jinn once on the beach, he will choke and throw it into the fire. Before this, he will burn the incense and sit on a prayer prayer. While throwing the fruit and seeds into the fire, he will imagine in his heart that he is standing in front of me with folded hands and he is standing in front of him. Obliged. Will do this for 3 days in a row. By Allah’s will, the intended person will come and appear within 3 days. If he does not come within 3 days, he will definitely come within 7 days. Will be loyal & you will get success in love marriage

Reciting this surah for a patient with jinn and putting mustard oil on the patient’s forehead and starting reciting sura jinn, all the jinn will come and obey Aamal. He will not eat meat or fish near Amal. By sprinkling his face with fu, he will speak and the amel/sadhak will talk with him.After read this content we are now able to know Dua Wazifa For Love Marriage- Quranic Wazifa 100% Result May Allah Bless you All. If you want to know more then knock us